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 on: January 12, 2009, 08:04:47 am 
Started by Kokoa - Last post by Kokoa
Age: 16
Name: Kokoa (??)
Race: Chishioneko (Part vampire, part cat.)

Personality: Shy, sarcastic, and once you get to know her, a bit mean at times. But she's always willing to help her friends, and is very protective of anyone or anything close to her.
Powers/Abilities: Cat-like vision, agility, and hearing, along with vampiric fangs and color-changing eyes.
Weapons: Her razor-sharp fangs and claws, (When they're out.).
Quirks: If she knows something, she'll stay mostly quiet, and when questioned about it, her eyes will change to a slate-blue.
Relations: N/A
Appearance: Tall, with light brown waist-length hair, and normally brown eyes. She always wears a large, wide-brimmed hat, which is a teal with a brown band, and black and teal armor, (Like the Arish, only a bit heavier.)
Addictions: Chocolate, and fish. She'll normally have a large bag on her shoulder with some camping supplies, and sweets along with a few whole fish.
Extra: ...nothin' 'cept for her past.

 on: January 09, 2009, 10:44:17 pm 
Started by Fracture - Last post by Fracture
Age: 17
Name: Fracture Descar
Race: Half vampire. (human)

Personality: Cold and sadistic towards those he doesn't like, kind and both caring and protective of those he does. He long ago lost any care for his own well being, and can never be directly threatened, only through those he cares about. Tends to be awkward and wrong-footed in more-than-friendly situations.
Powers/Abilities: Is an empath, a pyrokinetic and can see in some form despite his blindness.
Weapons: A Katana, a Dai-Katana, a longbow, a staff that is, unextended, small enough to fit in his boot. At full length it's two meters.
Quirks: Gets irritable if forced to wear formal clothing or anything that has too few pockets for his taste. Seems to be able to fit almost anything in his pockets.
Without the wings, and mentally add a cloak. I may add a proper physical description later, but right now I'm too lazy.
Addictions: Coke. He occasionally raids grocery stores for 24-packs.
Extra: Blind.

 on: January 09, 2009, 07:38:30 am 
Started by Lyrix - Last post by Fracture
Lol, sounds like Siren. Little girl who plays a flute and shit-kicks level 40's. XD

 on: January 08, 2009, 06:52:42 pm 
Started by Lyrix - Last post by Lyrix
Dead or Alive 4 has like one of THE hardest foes...and shes made outta water. How do you beat the fauk outta water? I got my ass kicked from here down the street and back again within like 5 moves...WHAT THE FUCKZ >:O

D: wanna help me out wif some combo's?? Cheesy?

 on: January 08, 2009, 08:19:44 am 
Started by Fracture - Last post by Fracture

Powers/Abilities: (optional, mostly for fantasy RP's)
Relations: (This can be added to as you meet new people)
Appearance: (You can post pictures, descriptions, etc.)
Addictions: (optional again, I just want this in here for use on Fracture)
Extra: (anything else you want to put in about them.)

Past/History isn't in here simply because that's for a different board. Post it in here and it will be deleted.

If you don't know about something, PM Fracture or Kokoa.

It is recommended that you keep links to all your profiles somewhere safe (or in your sig) and link to them when that character is used in an RP.

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