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1  Guild Board / Character Profiles / Raven M. on: July 23, 2009, 10:50:47 pm
Age: Appears to be about 15, but believes she is around 20 years old.
Name: Raven M. (Her last name only ever appears as "M.")
Race: Human/Very very very faint trait of Vampire, which gives her the craving for blood and immortality.

Personality: She is mentally unstable to the point that she will drink blood, eat human parts, and murder without giving it a second thought. She tends to stick her nose into other's business, and is stubborn when she does not want to say or do something. It is very very seldom that she finds someone who will put up with her psychotic disposition, and so she does not have many friends.
Weapons: Her vast collection of knives, her inability to die, and her little black handgun.
Quirks: She tends to smile psychotically almost 24/7, and will fiddle with her knives kept in the straps of her regular outfit: the straightjacket she was wearing when she escaped from the insane asylum.
Appearance: Sometimes, she will wear a black version of the straightjacket/pants.
Addictions: The taste, feel, and smell of blood. She will frequently cut her own tongue to obtain this.
Extra: I first came up with her for Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, so I apologize if she seems a bit strange when I use her in other RP's.
2  Guild Board / Artworks / Re: Drawing of Kokoa on: March 29, 2009, 12:23:33 pm
Lol no. D: Well yeah, I do, but the stupid thing wouldn't put the pictures straight onto the'd only make them links... x.x I'm thinkin' I need to learn how to master the forums, keke... ;;;
3  Entertainment Board / Game Discussion / Re: Dead Or Alive 4 on: January 23, 2009, 11:19:31 am
xD I used to have problems on DOA....I think it was the second? But the dude in the flaming shorts...he kicked the shit outta me, and then said something like "BITCHIN'!" so I had to turn the volume down... (Was only eight. >.>Wink
4  Guild Board / Character Profiles / Trei Takeda on: January 22, 2009, 09:35:35 pm
Age: 3,650 years old. (Appears normally as either a 21 year old or 10 year old.)
Name: Trei Takeda
Race: Human/Hydra (Kira-hebi or Killer Snake)

Personality: Tends to periodically speak in an old-fashioned way. (i.e. Calling girls "Milady" or speaking very formally.) Respectful, but sometimes a little too speaking of his mind. He treats girls with oodles more respect than men.
Powers/Abilities: Posses an age-dial, the source of his frequent age-jumping. The ability to turn into a seven-headed dragon...and to manifest long horns and a tail.
Weapons: Oreo belt in Ninjutsu.
Quirks: None, really.
Relations: N/A
Appearance: Pale green hair, about shoulder length. Pale red eyes. Pale skin. (Hydra form) Pale green scales, pale red eyes, black talons and horns.
Addictions: None.
Extra: Probably will be put into Mature RPs only.
5  Guild Board / Character Profiles / Kokoa ?? on: January 12, 2009, 08:04:47 am
Age: 16
Name: Kokoa (??)
Race: Chishioneko (Part vampire, part cat.)

Personality: Shy, sarcastic, and once you get to know her, a bit mean at times. But she's always willing to help her friends, and is very protective of anyone or anything close to her.
Powers/Abilities: Cat-like vision, agility, and hearing, along with vampiric fangs and color-changing eyes.
Weapons: Her razor-sharp fangs and claws, (When they're out.).
Quirks: If she knows something, she'll stay mostly quiet, and when questioned about it, her eyes will change to a slate-blue.
Relations: N/A
Appearance: Tall, with light brown waist-length hair, and normally brown eyes. She always wears a large, wide-brimmed hat, which is a teal with a brown band, and black and teal armor, (Like the Arish, only a bit heavier.)
Addictions: Chocolate, and fish. She'll normally have a large bag on her shoulder with some camping supplies, and sweets along with a few whole fish.
Extra: ...nothin' 'cept for her past.
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