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1  Guild Board / Artworks / Re: Drawing of Kokoa on: March 29, 2009, 02:59:29 pm
Just hit the insert image button and paste the image location in between the tags that appear. Or just type [ img ] (url) [ /img ] Without the spaces.
2  Guild Board / Artworks / Drawing of Kokoa on: March 27, 2009, 06:40:42 pm
Comon' Ko, you know you wanna post it. You know you do.
3  Nexon Spot / Nexon Spot / Pioneers of Ilia on: February 09, 2009, 06:00:06 pm
Pioneers of Ilia, woot! We're getting the new continent, and I like this image. It rocks.
4  Guild Board / Character Histories / Shane Lamia on: January 23, 2009, 01:07:08 pm
Shane glanced down at the street below, then back over his shoulder at the shaking trapdoor that led to the roof of the apartments he and his parents lived in, though right now they were trying to get to him. It was a long drop. He flipped a coin, catching the silver disc as it came down and slowly opened his hand. Tails, like always. He pulled a rope from his kit bag and tied it to the chimney, and did a quick check to make sure he could yank it off from the bottom. He tossed it over the edge and watched it coil down the twenty or so floors to the ground. At least I bought the right length. He thought as he slung his bag around his neck and under an arm, feeling its reassuring weight on his back as he put on his gloves and grabbed the rope. He took one last look at the sunrise before he jumped backwards off the building. He repelled down, the feeling both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. His boots touched the dirt and he let go quickly, then grabbed it again and snapped it like a whip as hard as he could. He watched with satisfaction as the force traveled its length and popped it off the chimney, forgetting to move as 16 pounds of rope came crashing into him. He pulled himself free with frantic haste and stuffed it into his bag, taking off towards where his bike was locked. He jumped on and went east as fast as he could, knowing that the from was more important in running away, and that the to would present itself in good time.

((Don't really know, got bored at lunch and decided to write some of Shane's history XD))
5  Guild Board / Character Profiles / Shane Lamia on: January 22, 2009, 09:38:30 pm
Age: 17
Name: Shane Lamia
Race: Human, Half-Vampire

Personality: Means well, but tends to mess up a lot. For the most part he's calm, and towards any he doesn't know he tries to be at least somewhat courteous, but only himself among friends. Though he tends not to care what people say, think or do to him, he's extremely protective and will blow up at a moments notice if a friend is being harassed. This tends to get him into fights as beneath his usual composure a lot of pent-up stress comes out when he's angry. He loves to write and sketch. He can be somewhat awkward with other people due to the fact that he has trouble cutting loose and not thinking about every possible reaction to his words and actions.
Powers/Abilities: Empathy.
Weapons: Carries a Katana in the kit bag he hauls around.
Quirks: Has a thing for pockets, and is a pyromaniac. Has a morbid streak in his writing and tends to spend spare time idly contemplating the ways to maim or kill with any given object.
Appearance: Wears t-shirts too long for him and cargo pants, occasionally combined with a trench coat.
Addictions: Coke. Can nearly live on it, and can go through indefinite amounts in any space of time without side-effects.
Extra: Has a strange last name because somebody up his father's line had a bad sense of humour and a latin dictionary.

((This is pretty much my non-fantasy char while Fracture's my fantasy RP char))
6  Guild Board / RPG Charter-Please read! / RP Charter on: January 12, 2009, 08:11:41 am
RP Charter - Read Or Die

I have absolutely no time right now, and will write this when I get home. Other than that...

First and foremost, All Rp's must be marked (PG), (PG13) or (M), for the usual. If things get out of hand on the PG or PG13 topics you get warned, or shut down. General guidelines.

M - Graphic/excessive mature themes, excessive language. Anything goes.

PG13 - Mild mature themes (Innuendo's about as far as you can go), mild language, some graphic violence.

PG - No mature themes, mild violence, no language.

[AdminRant]Though I did say anything goes in the (M) RP's, sexual harassment is not tolerated. You get one warning, then kicked. If the 'victim' can vouch that it's a joke, you get off. Otherwise, 0-tolerance. Though sometimes things happen between characters, that's where it stays.[/AdminRant]


Ok, with that out of the way, there's not much here. For the most part, try to keep characters, profiles and bio's in the appropriate sections, unless the RP creator allows posting of new characters in the thread. Same thing goes for pre-made's and roles specifically for the rp, it's best to PM them to the creator and let them post it up near the front.

Not much else here... I think...

Well hang on there~ There should be rules about limitations. Members of Retribution in-game should be the only ones allowed to RP. If there is a board for people who aren't in the guild, then that's fine, but most RP's might have something to do with the guild in-game, so it'll be a bit confusing. That's all...


Don't worry, it's on the guild board, only those marked as Guild Member, Officer or Leader in their membergroups are allowed here. That staff board, likewise, is only available to you, Lyrix and me. Anything else? Maybe we should make an FAQ somewhere and just go back and forth with them XD


xD Alright, the FAQ sounds like a good idea...


Wow, I fail. I just remembered you were already planning the faq >.< Something about jokes...?
The "I can tell you anything, even the color of Risu-san's undies!" joke? o.o;
We're really starting to spam this post... xD
Ya, that joke XD And yeah, but nobody's actually using the forum yet, so it's ok. By the way, should we have an RP section for non-guildies as well? And you know, now that I think about it, maybe we should use the admin notepad for back-and-forth discussions like this rofl.
7  Guild Board / Character Profiles / Fracture Descar on: January 09, 2009, 10:44:17 pm
Age: 17
Name: Fracture Descar
Race: Half vampire. (human)

Personality: Cold and sadistic towards those he doesn't like, kind and both caring and protective of those he does. He long ago lost any care for his own well being, and can never be directly threatened, only through those he cares about. Tends to be awkward and wrong-footed in more-than-friendly situations.
Powers/Abilities: Is an empath, a pyrokinetic and can see in some form despite his blindness.
Weapons: A Katana, a Dai-Katana, a longbow, a staff that is, unextended, small enough to fit in his boot. At full length it's two meters.
Quirks: Gets irritable if forced to wear formal clothing or anything that has too few pockets for his taste. Seems to be able to fit almost anything in his pockets.
Without the wings, and mentally add a cloak. I may add a proper physical description later, but right now I'm too lazy.
Addictions: Coke. He occasionally raids grocery stores for 24-packs.
Extra: Blind.

8  Entertainment Board / Game Discussion / Re: Dead Or Alive 4 on: January 09, 2009, 07:38:30 am
Lol, sounds like Siren. Little girl who plays a flute and shit-kicks level 40's. XD
9  Guild Board / Character Profiles / Character Skeleton on: January 08, 2009, 08:19:44 am

Powers/Abilities: (optional, mostly for fantasy RP's)
Relations: (This can be added to as you meet new people)
Appearance: (You can post pictures, descriptions, etc.)
Addictions: (optional again, I just want this in here for use on Fracture)
Extra: (anything else you want to put in about them.)

Past/History isn't in here simply because that's for a different board. Post it in here and it will be deleted.

If you don't know about something, PM Fracture or Kokoa.

It is recommended that you keep links to all your profiles somewhere safe (or in your sig) and link to them when that character is used in an RP.
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